Behavior Program

The primary objective and anticipated outcome for every student at Sierra Foothills Academy is to improve his or her school performance and be able to return to a less restrictive educational environment.

Sierra Foothills Academy has many students who exhibit maladaptive or aggressive behaviors. We have developed a behavior management system which seeks to modify maladaptive behaviors by emphasizing the development of desirable and adaptive behaviors, as opposed to only eliminating or suppressing undesirable behaviors. Our system functions only with the understanding that all students are deserving of respect and an opportunity to succeed. Moreover, communication with parents, school district personnel, and behavioral support staff accompany all interventions.

The general characteristics of our behavior management services are as follows:

1. It is proactive and preventive by design.

2. It relies heavily on positive interpersonal relationships between the staff and the students.

3. Much effort is expended on manipulating antecedents.

4. It is dependent on the staff’s constant interacting with students.

5. It is designed by a multi-disciplinary team.

6. The use of behavioral interventions is guided by the least intrusive/invasive concept.

7. It teaches pro-social skills that can be generalized to multiple settings.