The Web of Life


The Web of Life Program

Our unique program promotes positive interaction between the student and his or her environment. This innovative approach to education assists students with developing patterns of interaction and communication that can be generalized to multiple settings. Specific emphasis is placed on facilitating the personal growth of individuals through understanding the relationship and interconnectedness of various living systems.


Horticulture: Our Garden

Students participate in the full cycle of life, from planting and growing seeds in the school’s garden to raising, harvesting, cooking and selling vegetables. The program provides students with ample opportunities to practice functional skills, earn academic credit, gain vocational experience and practice skills learned in therapies. Activities are aligned with IEPs and student-centered plans. A sample of farming tasks includes sorting, weighing, and learning marketing strategies.


Culinary Arts: The Kitchen

The art and science of cooking can enhance a child’s abilities in so many ways.  Traditional classroom lessons, including Math, Science and Language Arts, come to life and are reinforced while essential life skills are developed through our cooking program.  Equally important, creativity and confidence flourish when students realize that they can transform simple ingredients into delicious creations.