Mental Health Support

Group Therapy: Every student at Sierra Foothills Academy participates in a 30-minute group therapy session once per week with the other members of his or her class. The therapy sessions are conducted by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Individual Counseling: All students at Sierra Foothills Academy have the opportunity to meet with a mental health practitioner on a one-to-one basis as the need arises.

Case Management: Our clinical social worker and medical doctor interfaces with our teachers and support staff to coordinate case management services including the coordination and referral of services and contact with students’ therapists and any other involved agencies.

Parent Training: The purpose of Parent Counseling and Training at Sierra Foothills Academy is to assist parents in acquiring skills to support IEP goals and objectives at home. Our team achieves this standard by:

  • Assisting parents in understanding the educational needs of their child.
  • Providing parents with information about child development.
  • Providing parents with contact information about parent support groups, financial assistance resources, and other potential sources of information or support outside the school system.
  • Providing parents with the opportunity to attend on-site evening training.

Psychiatric Services: Our consulting psychiatrist and developmental doctor provides diagnostic and prescriptive medication services for any student in attendance at Sierra Foothills Academy. The parent, teacher, psychologist and developmental doctor are all involved in the total assessment and determination of services. 

Medication Management: The mental health staff is responsible for the distribution of the student’s medication and for maintaining medication logs. The staff coordinates with parents, care providers and physicians regarding the distribution of medication at the school.

Crisis Intervention Support: Our Board Certified Behavior Analyst creates and modifies support plans. Students demonstrating a higher need of care have immediate access to support staff.